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Services Offered

We strive to provide a platform for our students to be able to expand their horizons. We give them an opportunity not only to get an international education but also an international perspective on life and working. Our aim is to provide the entire gamut – education as well as an opportunity to work and live in the place of their choice.

We at Proficient are here to assist and guide every step of the way. A summary of our services is:

Our Service Gamut

Our team will guide and support you in the process right from the initial identification and best fit mapping of the student with the University right up till the actual travel and arrival.

Our Differentiator

What sets us apart is our Study and Work (SAW) approach offering.

SAW – Approach @PGCBPL


Our Methodology

1. Student Analysis Process – use of psychometric and other tests to analyze and identify best fit for student in terms of Course, College and University. Based on the analysis of the student we recommend a package to prepare the student for the challenges and tests to come.
2. College Application Process –
a. Based on results and academic and other considerations best fit of student and college keeping in mind the student’s long-term goals and location preferences.
b. Advice and assistance in preparing and submitting the College application in terms of English language cover letter.
c. Finding and applying for scholarships where applicable.
d. Classes to improve proficiency in English speaking, presentation and Interview facing skills.
3. Permit and Visa Application –
a. On receipt of acceptance students to prepare the relevant visa and necessary permit documents
b. Comprehensive advise on rules including necessary documentation and procedures
c. Coordinating the documentation and necessary process
4. Travel Assistance-
a. Travel assistance with advise on route and booking.
b. Assistance with travel booking where required.
c. Assistance for comprehensive travel Insurance.
d. Information for accomodation and location advise including health services and restaurents abroad.
e. Advise on paperwork to be caried.
f. Initiation Information covering what to expect in ther new country.

Certification & Accreditation

British Council Certified Agent