About Us

About Us

We at PGCBPL are here to facilitate that first step to power your career to a new direction. To guide you on your journey to fulfill your dreams. We will help open doors where possible for you to broaden your horizon and help in your personal growth. May it be picking the right course and institute for you or to assist you find the best fit job opportunity we are with you each step of the way to guide, assist and enable you on your journey.

Our Management

Shivendra Mohan Director and Chairperson

The founding and guiding force behind PGCBPL Shivendra is a management professional with over two decades of rich and varied experience in the corporate world.
Shivendra had a vision to enable students to fulfill their dreams of studying abroad and also enabling qualified people to work and live there. With this vision in his mind he created the PGCBPL framework of studying and working overseas.

Ruchi Pradhan Mohan Managing Director

A management professional Ruchi’s vision includes creating a platform that aims to provide a holistic service to the students and applicants alike so as to ease their transition into a new culture and way of life. The goal to literartily power the career by empowering them to study in the locations of their choice as well as provide them with further.
career opportunities.

Why should you choose us

  • Knowledge based professional approach backed by our International certifications from ICEF and the British Council.
  • Detailed profile analysis using psychometric and other tests.
  • Enhancing student’s skill base via classroom and online sessions.
  • Offering a wide gamut of education services ranging from full time courses to study and work courses to online credit courses.

Certification & Accreditation

British Council Certified Agent